Leaders' Night Away

Last weekend, around eighty of us had the privilege of gathering together as leaders over Friday evening and Saturday morning. It was an incredible time of deepening relationships and hearing from God through teaching and worship. I certainly came away inspired and energised, ready to step out into what God has planned for Christ Church Woking. 

We heard from David Brown, who served at Christ Church for many years, and has a rich background in teaching and discipleship. Over three sessions, he spoke into us as leaders, encouraging us in our gifts and unpacking lessons from the second letter to Timothy. 

In the first session we were encouraged in 2 Timothy 1:1-18 to remind ourselves of the gifts God has given us, we were encouraged to pray for each other with the laying on of hands, as a way in which we might better engage with God, and we were called to fan into flame the gift of God. This fanning into flame is up to us, and we can do it in three ways: using the gift, spending time with others who have the same gift, and passing on the gift by teaching others. 

The second session was especially challenging, as we reflected on the three pictures provided in 2 Timothy 2:1-7. First was the Soldier; we must be prepared for suffering and when it comes, never take off our uniform and mingle with the crowd. Next was the Athlete; we must train to be better leaders, not just try. It takes discipline and endurance. Finally we saw the Farmer; the Christian life is full of joy and hope, but sometimes, it's hard; it's tiring and it's wearisome. As leaders we are called to work hard for the sake of those we lead. 

In our final session, we looked at 2 Timothy 2:8-13 and really focussed on the gospel message. We are reminded that we serve a risen saviour, that the resurrection is real and forms the foundation of our faith. Secondly, we are reminded that God's promises to King David are fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus was a real person, and His is the kingdom that will last forever. This gives us a hope for the present and the future. 

I was encouraged by the times of prayer and worship that accompanied these sessions. It was amazing to see people taking steps of faith, singing and speaking out as they met with the Spirit. Our leaders really engaged in praying for one another, and desired to see God move in each other's lives. 

We pray that the weekend's impact isn't limited to our leaders, but that you would see us stepping out as we seek to serve you and build you up in your faith as we fan our gifts into flame. 

We have lots of opportunities over the next few months to grow and learn; prayer ministry training with New Wine on 24 March, the School of Theology starting on 11 April, and the Living Free course starting 18 April. For more information, do visit our courses page on the website