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project vision

  • To support the Church’s mission, as we reach out to the people of Woking to further God’s Kingdom

  • To provide valuable facilities to support the local community

  • To allow the church room to grow, to accommodate more people and activities on site

  • To set the church up for the next thirty years of mission

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what are we doing?

A more open building:

  • Be more visually open, allowing views from outside

  • Attract and draw in passers by with clear entrances

  • communicate our contemporary approach to worship

More space:

  • Provide additional rooms for use on a Sunday

  • An improved conferencing and events offering

  • Refurbished Cafe and Bookshop

  • More efficient circulation to make better use of space

  • flexible space for the future

Refresh the building:

  • Redecorate existing spaces

  • Re-wire and re-plumb to replace failing systems

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