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when are we doing this?

The Christ Church building we recognise today was built between 1885 and 1909 and has been evolving ever since to meet the needs of a growing town and congregation. The significant redevelopment in 1990 allowed the church to reach out to a wider range of people and host activities seven days a week. These current proposals support the next phase of the life and growth of Christ Church

The building is Grade II listed and is one of only two listed structures in Woking. It has a very special character and prominence at the heart of the town centre. These proposals respect the heritage of the building and respond to its character, with a contemporary architecture which we hope will secure the future of the building in serving the local communities for many years to come.

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Progress up date

The Gateway team is making great progress. It’s taken a time to discern the way ahead, keeping God at the centre of all we do. It feels like the current expansion of Woking is an encouragement that this the the right time to move ahead

March 2018 - Consultation with Historic England

June 2018 - Consultation with congregation

October 2018 - Current consultation (Historic England, Church bodies, Woking Council, Public Exhibition)

April 2019 - Planning application submitted to Woking Borough Council, and awaiting outcome

Next steps

Q2 2019 - Planning application submitted

2020 - Start construction on site

2021 / 2022 - Completion