A Rocha is an international Christian organisation promoting care for God’s world. Inspired by God’s love, A Rocha provides training and resources to enable Christians to care for the earth and seas, involving people in conservation projects, and teaching at churches, conferences and bible colleges - See more at:

· Pray for the 'Once in a Lifetime' climate justice summit being held in Cambridge 23rd-24th September by A Rocha and the Amos Trust emphasising that climate change is a justice issue, because those who have the least economic and political power and the least responsibility for changing the climate, are affected the most. The summit will explore how Christians can play a greater role in addressing climate change with justice.

· Give thanks that the Eco Church scheme (how churches can care for God’s earth in different areas of their own life and work) has greatly expanded over the past year, and pray that A Rocha may have the resources to continue rolling this out.

·  Give thanks for ecological initiatives like those of the Woodland Trust, which is aiming to plant 64 million trees in the next ten years and is giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities to encourage tree-planting. This includes churches with land accessible to the public.

· Pray for A Rocha's continued vision as they inspire and equip churches to put mission and environment together.


· Pray for Peter and all the staff team as they continue to lead us.

· Vacancy News - please see the specific prayer requests each week included in the notices.

· Whole Church Prayer Gathering - Tuesday 3rd September - pray that many of us will take this opportunity to come together in prayer.

· Hope in Depression - from Wed 4th September - pray that this course will be a blessing to all who attend.

· Alpha - pray that we will all invite widely & seek opportunities to share our faith with those around us each day. Pray that many will come to the Alpha Supper on Wednesday 2nd October and be open to what God has to say to them through it.

· Gateway - continue to pray now for our planning application while it is with Woking Borough Council.



· Alan Hatton would like to thank those who have been praying for him. Your prayers are much appreciated.  Please continue to pray for him.



· Pray for all children and families as the children settle back into school.

· Pray for children who are starting new schools and children who are in new classes with new teachers. That God will give them strength to cope with the change of routine.

· Pray for all the Kids Team at Christchurch – we have lots of new team members. As they get back into routine teaching the children about Jesus.



· Give thanks for a great time at Soul Survivor where many of the young people met with God in a very meaningful way.  Pray for the ongoing fruit of continuing with Jesus at a deep level.

· Give thanks for our wonderful youth team.  Anna and Imogen have now moved on to pastures new.  Please pray for more team to resource and refresh us as we start a new academic year, particularly at hubs!

· Pray for the praying, planning and discerning of God’s heart for the new term, that we will hear God’s leading and putting in to place the structures and patterns that best serve the young people of Woking.

· Pray for gap year students or interns to join us in September.

· Pray for all those for whom a new term is a time of much change, especially those moving to new schools/colleges.



· Pray for CCW Men and the planning team to    discern how to launch a new look Men’s Ministry and how best to communicate to the whole of church, in order that as many men as possible can engage.

· CCW Men has a vision to ensure all men (over 18) are in some way being discipled in church and in turn involved in discipling others. Please pray for us as we continue to strategize as to how best make this happen going forward. Also as men  engage more with their faith, please pray that it starts to spill over into: community action, social justice, evangelism etc outside of church.