LITS..... Bakers of ChristChurch - what a Bounty!!

From Linda Barnes:

Well you wonderful Bakers of ChristChurch - you excelled yourselves this time! Bless you all for your incredibly generous and scrumptious cake offerings for Lark 2019!! Just awesome! Not only were they delicious but also SO plentiful..... you baked 8-10,000 cake/biscuit servings- that is just incredible 1 in every 10 Of the towns population could have received a cake .... and probably a cuppa too!!

The cake was baked and given with love and grace - keep praying that our community will want to find out more about our loving father.

You are all amazing - thank you so so much.

This is the first year that we actually did not run out of cakes..... a few were even taken to York Road after Sunday’s service.

Roll on next year ......!!! 2020 a bumper year for Baking?!!