The Lord’s prayer through Lent

So, the plan is that each of us at CCW prayerfully mull on the Lord’s prayer through the day using it as spiritual food for our own soul and fuel for prayer of all kinds.  At times we will recite the prayer to ourselves, at other times we will stop at a point in the prayer and savour it, chew on it, mine it, dissect it, dig it. 

I will put up frequent posts to help us on the journey.  I hope they will be helpful.  Do share your experiences with others, email me your stories, encourage each other in this pursuit.  I have no doubt that each of us will grow hugely and CCW will experience more of the blessings and fruit of Jesus’ kingdom.

We start with “Our Father”.

“Our…..” – mull on that for some time.   In starting here, Jesus wants us to immediately remember that we are part of a spiritual family, one that in 2019 that reaches back 2000 years (and beyond) and forwards into the future.  So too, ‘our’ family is global – 2.1 billion Christians - we have many many brothers and sisters.  And the wonder of it is that when we meet in his name, we click immediately.  There is something very fundamental that unites us.   As families look out for one another, so we too should look out for one another.  And we can take comfort that we are not alone.


Peter HarwoodComment