The Lord’s prayer through Lent - No.4

“your name….”

The problem: Life is very demanding and it is difficult to sit down and pray. 

The answer:  We find a different way to pray.

The model:  We turn to the Lord’s prayer as we go about the day to stimulate our prayer. 

Today we think about ‘God’s name’.   At the most basic level, the name is the person, so may ‘God be praised’.  In bible times,  the meaning of personal names was very significant – it stood for who they were.  That is why there are so many comments in the OT on the meaning of the names of people and places.  One of the great themes of the OT is the name of God.  ‘Yahweh’ being the key one – ‘The Lord’ in our translations.  But through out the OT, God uses other names for himself – each of which reveals more of who he is.  Here are some to meditate, pray and reflect on.

· Yahweh yir’eh: ‘The Lord will provide’ (Gen 22:14)

· Yahweh nissi: ‘The Lord is my banner’ (Ex 17:15)

· Yahweh shalom: ‘The Lord is Peace’ (Judges 6:24)

· Yahweh tsebaoth: ‘The Lord Almighty’ or ‘The Lord of Hosts/Angel Armies’ (1 Samuel 4:4)

· Shepherd (Ps 23:1)

· King (Ps 95:3)

· Judge (Gen 18:25)

· Redeemer (Isaiah 44:24)

· Warrior (Ex 15:3)

· Rock (Ps 18:2)

· Glory (Ex 16:7)

· The Holy One (Isaiah 1:4)

· The Mighty One (Gen 49:24)

 What a rich seam of gold this is! Wow!

Peter HarwoodComment