Home Workers Unite!

Do you work from home sometimes or perhaps all of the time? I work from home and travel to meet clients elsewhere. Apparently, we now make up about 15% of the workforce and the practice is most common in London and the South East. Homeworking can bring great freedom to organise your work around the rest of your life. But it can also be quite lonely; you may have to do all your own admin, finances, and IT support etc.. Home workers are often tied into the Gig economy which has it’s ups and it downs too.

I thought it might be good to see if any fellow home workers in Woking might like to meet up and have a chat. Perhaps you are new to the practice and might like to hear what lessons other might have. How do you switch off in the evening and leave it behind etc.

In Guildford, a group of homeworkers meet for a coffee and chat perhaps that’s something that could work in Woking.

If this is something that might be of interest, we are holding a first meet on Wednesday 24th April 8.00pm at ChristChurch to discuss possible formats, timing etc of future meetings.

If you can’t make that date but would be interested in a network group, please get in touch - Martin Smith – 07795 073814 Email: martin.wokingsmiffs@gmail.com

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