The Lord’s prayer through Lent - No.3


The problem: Life is very demanding and it is difficult to sit down and pray. 

The answer:  We find a different way to pray.

The model:  We turn to the Lord’s prayer as we go about the day to stimulate our prayer. 

Today we think about ‘hallowing’.   This is an old English word meaning ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’. So best way to translate it in modern English is ‘praised/holy be your name’.   This is the first request or petition in the Lord’s prayer.  The fact that this is first is very significant.

Praising God gets things in the right perspective.

When we spend time praising God, his awesomeness, his power, his love, his faithfulness etc – we build our faith, our understanding of how BIG God is.  As we do so, the size of our problems begin to shrink.  We begin to live in the reality that everything is possible with God!

If you start praying to God using the pattern of the Lord’s prayer, the first thing you do is to forget your own problems and focus on God, majesty and his desires.   When you get around to your crisis/problem/worry, you’ll come to it with a sense of the awesomeness of God.  Talking to the one person in the universe who really can do something about it.

If on the other hand we start with our problems, then we can just get stuck and spiral into despair and unbelief. 

The Lord’s prayer is masterful.  After considering our relationship with God (“our father”), we meditate on how big God is, before we do anything else in prayer. 


Peter HarwoodComment