This month we are supporting OMF International, an interdenominational organisation serving the church in 12 countries in East Asia. Matt and Farrah (ex Christ Church), are currently on home leave and will be returning to East Asia in August.

 · Give thanks for God’s guidance to Matt, Farrah, Zachariah and Nathaniel having finished their first assignment of 4 years in East Asia. Pray for a suitable placement for their return in August.

 · Pray for colleagues and local Christians who Matt and Farrah have left behind, some of them struggling to maintain a Christian witness in the face of opposition.

 · Pray that God may guide Matt and Farrah in the good use of their time in UK promoting and encouraging prayerful and financial support for the work.

 · Give thanks that Zachariah and Nathaniel have both obtained places at a  school close to where they live and have settled in well. 

 Pray also for Guido and Linda Braschi who have now retired from OMF after over 30 years serving in Indonesia, Myanmar and UK


· Church Weekend Away (8-10th Mar) - pray that many of us will come along & be blessed, encouraged & challenged by this time away all together. Pray for all the practical arrangements that are being sorted out at the moment. Pray for those involved in leading & teaching all age-groups as they seek God's guidance as to what to share with us, especially Liz & Stew Bewley & their family & Jo Blair.

 · Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as they continue to lead us. 

 · Monthly Prayer Meeting (5th Mar) - pray that many of us will take this opportunity to come together in prayer.

 · Saturday Service (23rd) - pray for this new service as it starts to happen twice a month & give thanks for recent encouragements.

 · Newcomers Welcome Tea (31st Mar) - pray that we will all continue to welcome newcomers well and that all will quickly feel at home amongst us.

 · Gateway - please continue to pray as we submit our planning application this month.

 · Give thanks for all those who volunteer at services & at other times, to make so much happen at Christ Church & to bless one another. Pray for renewed energy & for additional volunteers for those teams who need them at the moment.


· Pray for Alan Hatton as he starts a medical treatment, that there will be no nasty side effects and that the treatment will be successful in curing the cancer.

 · Phil Bailey gives thanks as his treatment has just finished and for your prayers over the last 10 months of his chemotherapy treatment.


· Pray that God is forming young people that love loving Jesus, and that all our discipleship joins with God in that.

 · Give thanks for the youth part of the weekend away, and pray that the young people continue walking full of God’s Spirit, and looking to stay in step with Jesus in their everyday lives.

 · Give thanks for the team, for their love, patience and nurturing. Pray that they will be meeting with Jesus through their serving.


· Please pray thank you for the new curriculum. We are all enjoying it and the kids are really engaged in learning more about the choices they can make. Pray that this continues.

 · Please pray for all our visitors and new families that they settle well into church and kids groups.

 · Please pray for the children on the church weekend away that they learn how to walk in step with Jesus.

 · Please for Zoe and Hannah and their team at the weekend away that they would be protected, filled with joy and energy to lead the children.


Download a copy of the prayer bookmark here