A Rocha - Christians in Conservation (collections in the first two weeks in Sept)

Pray for the staff and volunteers in each of the 19 countries where A Rocha works, as it uses its projects to encourage proper conservation of the environment and faithful stewardship of God’s creation.

Pray for A Rocha’s new project “Wolf Fields”, a nature reserve at A Rocha’s Minet Country Park in Southall, which has been transformed over the past 13 years from a derelict rubbish pit into a beautiful country park with wildlife areas, picnic sites, bicycle track and playground for the local residents.


Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) 
Matt and Farrah and Guido and Linda (collections in the final 3 weeks in Sept)

Pray for Matt and Farrah who have now returned to East Asia after their UK visit. Pray for Matt to finish his post-doctoral research well and for guidance as he seeks a new job at the end of the year. Give thanks that two vulnerable women who Farrah visits have now left their current “jobs” and started new work. Pray for healing for Matt’s mum and Farrah’s sister who are both ill.

Pray for Guido who will retire from OMF New Horizons at the end of this year, as he briefs his successor Andrea from the Philippines. Pray for a smooth transition and also for additional personnel to work with New Horizons in West Africa and Latin America. Pray for both Linda and Guido as they prepare for their retirement.


Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as they continue to lead us 

Monthly Prayer Meeting - 4th September - pray that many of us will take this opportunity to come together in prayer at the beginning of the new term

Hope in Depression - pray for this course as it starts on Wednesday 5th September. Pray for the leaders & helpers. Also for all the people that will be taking a brave step by coming along to the course

Saturday evening service - 15 September - thank God for the encouragements we have had over the first few months. Pray as this new service continues to grow that God will provide the resources we need to deliver good Youth and Kids work

Pray for the Gateway project that we can achieve alignment between all the various stakeholders, such as the DAC, Woking Council and Heritage England, on the designs so that we can proceed to a planning application in the late Autumn

Alpha Launch Dinner - Wednesday 3rd October - pray for all the preparations. Pray that many will come & all be open to what God has to say to them. Pray that we will continue to seek opportunities to share our faith with those around us each day

Flourish Womens Day - Saturday 6th October - pray for all the preparations. Pray that many women will come along & be encouraged & challenged


Phil Bailey has been diagnosed with Myeloma, a type of blood cancer and would appreciate prayer for healing and support as he continues treatment

Lynne Hewitt is having knee replacement surgery on 11 September - please pray for a successful operation and a good recovery


Give thanks for Soul Survivor, for the two young people that have given their lives to Jesus, and for those that recommitted to him and made steps forward in their walk. Pray that they stay in step with Him and can find ways to be fully part of the Church

Give thanks for those that served at the kids Venture and New Wine. Pray that they continue looking to walk as disciples in their everyday lives

Pray for the new year 7's, that they find their place and make good friendships in youth

Pray as young people go back to school, particularly those who are anxious or going back to difficult situations


Please pray for children who are starting a new school, including children who are starting school and pre school for the first time. Please pray they make friends and settle well. Please pray for their families too as it can be hard to adjust to the new routine

Please pray for the children as they return back to school as they get used to new teachers, classes and work load

Please pray for the teachers at Maybury school as they start a new academic year

Please pray for the childrens ministry groups that the children will settle in their groups and that the team will get to know all the children

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