Prayer Bookmark for July

Mission of the Month-Bethesda Life Centre, Goa, India

Christ Church has close links with pastor Martin and Beena Philip who lead the Goa Life Church in Goa’s capital, Panjin, together with the Bethesda Life Centre which comprises a number of orphanages catering for some of the poorest children in Goa.

  • Please pray for Martin, Beena, Daniel and Rebekah, that as a family they will always be refreshed by His love and that their needs will be provided. Government and compliance requirements are increasing every day. Please pray for the supply of good admin staff. 
  • Pray for the general health and wellbeing for each and all the boys and girls at the BLC family. Pray also for a number of BLC children who have gone on higher education, that they may cope with their new environment and remain focused. 
  • Pray for the sunflower project amongst women who are victims of HIV. They need financial support for monthly groceries and medicine for 120 women. 
  • Due to heavy rain, the roof of the senior boys home has been damaged and needs replacing. Please pray for provision for a new roof.
  • Pray for a new couple who have just joined BLC to look after the Senior Boys home - for vision and wisdom with the teenagers and for right decisions. Pray also that God would send the right person to fill a vacant position at the girl’s home ASAP.

Christ Church Events

  • Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as they continue to lead us. 
  • Saturday evening service - pray as preparations to launch this new service in the autumn continue to be made.
  • Pray for the Gateway project.
  • Welcome Tea (8th July) - pray that we will all continue to welcome newcomers to Christ Church & that everyone will quickly feel at home amongst us.
  • Pastorates - give thanks for all our pastorates & for those who lead them. Pray they might continue to be places of teaching & encouragement.
  • New Wine - pray for those from Christ Church who are going to New Wine - that it might be a week of encouragement, challenge & friendship. Pray for good journeys, good health & safety throughout. 

People we know

Phil Bailey has been diagnosed with Myeloma, a type of blood cancer and would appreciate prayer for healing and support as he starts treatment.

Youth Ministry

  • Pray for some interns for next academic year .
  • Pray for all the young people in Woking as they take exams and finish exams, and particularly for those struggling with anxiety.

Children’s Ministry

  • Please pray for the children as some of them have their last days at their current school. The year 6’s will be finishing primary school & some children will be finishing infant schools & preschools. This can be an emotional goodbye and a difficult but exciting change.
  • Please pray for families as the summer holidays start. Pray for great family time and relaxing time. This can also be difficult for some families as they need to find childcare over the summer.
  • Please pray for the childrens ministry team that they can a good rest over the summer break.


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