Prayer Bookmark for June

Mission of the Month-Wycliffe Bible Translators

Gareth and Katharine Mort (Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Nigeria

Gareth Mort from Christ Church serves as a translation consultant with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Nigeria - Katharine has been responsible for creating the alphabet and co-ordinating the translation of the scriptures into the local Kamuku language (the language area where they mainly live).

„ Please pray for refreshment and encouragement for Gareth and Katharine’s family as they are on holiday in the UK for most of this month. [Gareth says: When you only have one month of the year in the UK, holiday cannot just be holiday!]

„ Pray for the various Bible translation projects they are involved with in Nigeria – that Gareth and Katharine may advise them well on how to move forward towards good quality translations which are useable and actually used by the communities.

„ Pray especially for the release of the Jesus Film in the Kamuku language this autumn (a film based on Luke's Gospel) which they dubbed/recorded for in March. Pray that God will use it as an outreach and discipleship tool

„ As a family they are constantly in transition, moving between very different locations. Pray for Eleanor and Daniel in coping with the different contexts they have to live in - Gareth and Katharine need wisdom as parents in helping them - and themselves - manage it all. [Eleanor, 6, is in an international school for half the academic year, and they live in a rural village where she is home-schooled for the other half.]

Christ Church Events

„ Pray for the Gateway project. Pray for the information evenings on Mon 4th & 11th.

„ Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as continue to lead us. 

„ Pray for the various courses that are running during this term including Living Free & the Marriage Course. Pray for those who are leading them & that they might be a blessing to those who are attending them.

„ Saturday evening service - pray as preparations to launch this new service in the autumn continue to be made.

„ Womens Breakfast - Sat 23rd - pray that many women will come along & it will be a time of blessing & encouragement.

People we Know

„ Phil Bailey has been diagnosed with Myeloma, a type of blood cancer and would appreciate prayer for healing and support as he starts treatment.

Youth Ministry

„ Pray for some interns for next academic year .

„ Pray for all the young people in Woking as they take exams and finish exams, and particularly for those struggling with anxiety.

„ Pray for Blueprint, our year 6-9 mini festival we are starting up with St Paul’s Salisbury. Pray that it helps the rising year 6’s integrate into the youth ministry, and that people meet with God.

Children's Ministry

„ Massive thank you prayers for all those healings and people who came to lark in the square. We pray for seeds that were planted in hearts will be watered and grow.

„ Thank you prayers for all who served at Lark in the Square may they be blessed for their service to the people of Woking.

„ We pray for some of the year 6s who will be going to blueprint festival – a weekend away camping.

„ We pray for the children as they learn in Kids Church this month all about the Church and how the early Christians created it.

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