Prayer Bookmark for May

Mission of the Month-Church Mission Society

The Church Mission Society’s vision is to see all God’s people engaged in God’s mission, bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom throughout the world.

Michael Green is a full-time mission partner with CMS. He works among immigrants, asylum seekers and people of other faiths in the Ipswich area.

„ Pray that Michael’s fruitful contacts, conversations and other events which he puts on in Ipswich may continue to bring hope and a future for the immigrant community there.

„ Pray that Michael’s health may continue to improve despite recent set-backs.

Peter and Caroline Finch are CMS Associate Mission Partners in Malawi, one of the poorest nations in the world. Peter is a senior lecturer at the QE School of Medicine in Blantyre. They are active in promoting Alpha in Malawi.

„ Pray for the many hard choices Peter has to make due to scarcity of medical resources and equipment. Pray also for Peter as he tries to model a more affirming and uplifting culture among staff and students, replacing the traditional rather authoritarian approach.

„ Give thanks for the encouraging feedback from recent Alpha courses and pray that many lives will be transformed. Give thanks that money donated by Christ Church was used to help Peter and Caroline get Alpha material translated into the local language, Kechwa.

„ Pray for the church in a subsistence area of Malawi led by Pastor Kadyoli with whom Peter and Caroline have close contact. Pray that they may be helped to recover from a recent tragic crop loss due to pest infestation.


 Christ Church Events

„ Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as continue to lead us. 

Give thanks for those who have served on the PCC this year & pray for God to bring together the new PCC to serve together following the recent APCM.

„ Pray for Lark in the Square – for all the practical arrangements that are being made now. Pray that it will be a blessing to many in Woking. Pray for good weather & safety for all.

„ Pray for the Gateway team & for the new architects.

„ Pray for the various courses that are running during this term including School of Theology, Living Free & the Marriage Course. Pray for those who are leading them & that they might be a blessing to those who are attending them.

„ Saturday evening service – pray as preparations to launch this new service in the autumn continue to be made.


People we know

„ Hilary Roberts. Please pray for strength and her complete recovery.

„ Jay McCready’s mother passed away in April in Dallas, Texas. She died peacefully following a long illness. Please pray for Jay and his family as they finalize her estate in the next few months.

„ Neil Thomas is recovering from a seizure which has left him with some damaged vertebrae and unable to drive for 6 months. Pray for a quick recovery to full health and fitness so he can return to work.


Youth Ministry

„ Give thanks for the vulnerability and depth at hubs this term; pray that the communities will continue being places where people find life, encouragement, support and transformation.

„ Pray for all the young people in Woking struggling with anxiety as we head towards exam season. In a recent informal survey we did, 50% of the young people surveyed said that their anxiety level during exams was 4/5 or 5/5.

„ Give thanks for the opportunity the Saturday service presents, and pray for discernment as we work out what is best for youth in it.

„ Pray for some interns for next academic year 


Childrens Ministry

„ Please pray for the team who are preparing for Lark in the Square.

„ Please pray for the team.