It's our hope that Growing Leaders will help equip leaders at every level of church life
“To be led more by Jesus, to lead more like Jesus and to lead more to Jesus.” James Lawrence - CPAS

Growing Leaders is a training programme focused on the characteristics and skills of Christian leadership that are part of all leadership roles within and beyond the church. The foundational issues of character and call are central to the course. There are ten sessions on Saturdays at St Peters Old Woking, spread over 11 months. It is open to members of all the churches in Woking.

A great diversity of people have benefited from the Growing Leaders Course.

Participants on Growing Leaders have...
- Ranged from 16-82 in age.
- Been men and women.
- Led small groups, worship groups, the choir, outreach projects, youth groups, children's
work, bell ringers, congregations, and so on.
- Led nothing but been spotted as potential leaders.
- Been on the PCC, church leadership team, church wardens, paid staff.
- Not been on anything!

It differs from other leadership training in focusing on the Christian aspects of leadership. People have used it in three main ways:
- To improve the way they were leading an existing church group
- To explore a possible calling to leadership – in church and elsewhere
- To help them bring their faith into the way they lead in their day job

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact Martin Smith, who will be happy to send you a booking form and the outline programme if you let him have your email address.

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