Prayer Bookmark for October

Mission of the Month - Christians against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counseling charity with a network of centres throughout the country based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service. The CAP Centre at Christ Church is headed up by Sarah Goddard. The CAP Job Club is organized by Colin Sherlock. (web site:

Please prayer for Sarah and her volunteers as they visit people in their homes to help with their debts and offer them prayer.  We pray that they would have many wonderful conversations about.

Please pray that the response to the BBC documentary shown on 5th October results in more churches wanting to get involved in the life-giving work of CAP so that more people can be helped.  CAP Debt help is only available where local churches have the resources and passion to help their communities.

Please pray for the Job Club that has just started a new course. Please pray for protection and good health for Colin as his team and the clients as the winter season comes and they meet weekly for the course and meet one-to-one for coaching sessions.

Please pray for our government as they re-consider their austerity measures. The lowest benefits are now not enough money for people to live on as the cost of living has risen over the few years.

Please pray as we talk to Welcome Church and look for opportunities to serve our community together. 

Church Events

Pray for Peter, Andy & all the staff team as they continue to lead us 

Alpha Course - Wednesday evenings - pray that everyone who is coming along will be open to what God has to say to them. Pray for those who are leading & helping. Pray that we will all continue to seek opportunities to share our faith with those around us each day.

Womens Ministry - Flourish Womens Day (Sat 6th Oct) and Breakfast & Community Service Morning (Sat 17th Nov) - pray that many women will come along & be encouraged & challenged.

Saturday evening service - 13 October - thank God for the encouragements we have had over the first few months. Pray as this new service continues to grow that God will provide the resources

Pray for the Gateway project that we can achieve alignment between all the various stakeholders, such as the DAC, Woking Council and Heritage England, on the designs so that we can proceed to a planning application.

Gift Day - Please be praying as gift day approaches.  Please be praying for what God is placing on your heart to give in the year to come and that we as a church can continue all that God is calling us to and we raise enough money to do this.

Kenya Trip - 16th to 24th October - thank God for the Kenyan leadership team and their staff team, most of whom live in Kibera pray for the visit generally, and the staff retreat in particular, that it would be a time of encouragement, learning and fun that has a lasting impact. Pray that they would learn that God does love them through the practical care they receive from Turning Point. Safe travels for us as on the way to Kenya and around about Nairobi, particularly in Kibera.

People we know

Phil Bailey has been diagnosed with Myeloma, a type of blood cancer and would appreciate prayer for healing and support as he continues treatment

Trevor Jones is waiting for a hip replacement. Pease pray for a successful operation and a good recovery

Youth Ministry

Give thanks for the youth who have a renewed desire to walk with Jesus in there whole lives. Pray that they continue with this, and continue meeting with Jesus through the year.

Give thanks that the year 7’s are settlings in, and continue to pray that they find their place and make good friendships in youth

Pray for the older youth who have started coming to the 6:30 service

Pray as the youth adjust to the new school year, particularly those who have exams this year or are finding situations at school particularly stressful.

Children’s Ministry

Please pray for Light Fantastic on 31st October.  Pray for enough volunteers and that lots of families are able to come and enjoy themselves rather then going trick or tricking.

Please pray for the craft club that we have stated on Tuesday at Maybury Primary school.  We have 12 children who attend.  Pray for good conversations and relationships built.

Continue to pray for the children on Sundays as they settle into their new groups.

Please pray for our new group of children at kids hubs that they can build good relationships with each other.  Also pray that they row closer to God.  We are focusing on the book ‘Growing up with God’ by Sawn Bolz.